This was the first major war in a series of grievances between the Abbasid-Anetalian bloc. It was a tactical victory for the Caliphate and a strategic white peace, with all equipment returned to its respective sides.

Summary of the Conflict Edit

A number of frustrations and disagreements between Anetalian colonists and Spideybren2000 boiled over into armed conflict after Spidey set fire to Outpost Marseillaise. He was fired on immediately, and after breaking his leg he was forced to retreat (teleport) to his base in the Peruvian heights.

As Turin was a protected member of the UN, allies were effectively mobilized to counter attack. The Abbasid ruler, Flyingaero119, deferred to the military leadership of Governor Bravo for the sake of the war effort.

Heavily armed members of the UN joined with Anetalian irregulars to hunt down Spidrotech fighters, cornering them among the labyrinthine mountains of Peru. The fighters were killed systematically and forced back to the central headquarters where Spidey himself was killed. Shortly thereafter, Bravo introduced a lengthy and extensive treaty dictating terms designed to limit his ability to act outside his sphere of influence.