7_17builderS is one of the most ancient players on the server and is currently away from the server for an unknown amount of time. He's been quoted of saying,"I'm always watching the map", and "I'll never be gone". He was a high ranking moderator on the old map, but then he had a meltdown and left the server for a while after destroying 2 of the cities he built. He then quickly became a helper on the new map, since then he has been demoted due to abuse of powers. He has played a large role on the server by leading the largest town in the old map. Currently, he is in exile, with a memorial statue in Phnom Penh. He has ruled:

Achievements Edit

Builder is also notable for creating some of the largest towns on the server by size and population, with Axim exceeding 20 people and Abidjan (Yamoussoukro) having about 50 people at the height of the empire. He also exceeding in claiming all of Western Africa, and created the largest empire the world has ever seen to this day. Most part of it was useless wilderness, so one of the bad things that he did was to be the father of the imperialism. He was a key figure in wars such as the schmeathean wars, the 9 World Wars of the old server, the multiple wars against MajorPAIN40, the multiple wars against kingcasey3 and the_local_dude, and MANY many wars throughout history.

Legacy Edit

Among his peers he is remembered as a great friend and leader, having braved the new frontier of the server twice.

He made some of the largest and most important towns the server has ever seen, but he also did some bad stuff. Among his enemies, however, he is seen as a merciless tyrant. Either way, the world is changed over the loss of 7_17builderS

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