Aj statue azerbaijan

The Holy Statue of AbsurdAj in the now-gone city of Azerbaijan

Aj in spawn

AJ in spawn, with a charged creeper

AbsurdAj was an administrator on Minecraft Planet Earth when it still existed. He joined sometime during March, 2014. He applied for helper, moderator, and eventually an admin. He is also the guide-writer and has done many events, such as the tower of Izyel, the Arena in Australia, the pyramid in Egypt, and the Sahara race before the reset and 2 arenas after the second reset. He has been in many towns such as Rapture and Morioka. There was a statue of AJ in Azerbaijan before the second reset.

Aj is seen as the player-friendly admin. Many regulars are fond of Aj because of his understanding attitude toward regular players, since he was once a regular player himself.

Pvp arena 2015-06-01 20.40.37

A PVP Arena Built by AbsurdAJ

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