Azerbaijan map
Azerbaijan From The Dyn-Map
Some attributes
Nation Adrua
King (Mayor) Mr_Chicken702
Foundation April 2015
Location Off The Coast Of The Caspian Sea

Azerbaijan is a city in the Caucuses named after the real life country Azerbaijan. It is in the same location as Baku was before the reset, but much bigger.


Originally Mr_Chicken702's Naporia, the name of the town was changed for unknown reasons. Naporia was created after Berlin became a ruin when Mr Chicken determined that he would like to relocate and start anew in a different area, which ended up on the lower left side of the Caspian Sea.

What Azerbaijan is known for Edit

The Gaze of the Admin- Edit

Aj statue azerbaijan

AbsurdAj Statue

There in Azerbaijan is a statue of the server administrator AbsurdAj, probably built by Aj himself or the Azerbaijanis.

Legend has it that Aj arose from the far-off west to explore the eastern lands. After he reached the end of what is considered the west, he realized that there were dangerous powers lying on the eastern side of the world, such as the Atyrauli and Moriokians. So he built a shrine and cast a powerful spell of sight on it, to watch over the eastern lands in case the inhabiting peoples draw up sinister plans.

Azerbaijan skyline

Skyline of Azerbaijan

Military Power- Edit

Azerbaijan has always been a military power, since Mr_Chicken702 is a slimefun pioneer. This militarial prowess is something that was inherited from Berlin. Azerbaijan is a rallying point for many organizations like InterPol or the Ecumenical Empire, due to its splendor and fairly remote location.

Azerbaijan house

House In Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan small street

Street With Farm In Azerbaijan


Today, Azerbaijan is a flourishing Metropolis. But recently, GummyGuy has announced he is planning to invade the city from his town, Atyrau, across the Caspian Sea, and a coalition has organized to defend the city against GummyGuy. The Azerbaijanis haves teamed up with players such has Enamir47 and GymSock17, though the battle has yet to commence.

A New Age Edit

Azerbaijan rolled right into the new age with the only the loss of its citizens and previous money after a towny glitch. It may no longer be a Metropolis, but it now flourishes with the help of newly owning the nation of Adrua. It is a smaller nation but currently says to remain neutral in any conflict because of certain alliances.

Will work on more later. - Gym

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