Basra was a town located near a river, east of The Levant. it was the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate, and a former member of the United Nations. It was founded by Flyingaero119 and TheCarlagas. It was the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate, and the self proclaimed "Star of the Middle East" under the leadership of Anetalia.

Buildings & Monuments Edit

Basra has constructed or been helped in construction with:

  • The Royal Abbasid Palace, with a basement where the Abbasid Advisory Council used to meet.
  • A two-story house with basement and a small plot of gardening land.
  • An apartment building, where Alezeem Piccolo once resided
  • A building housing the treasury and gathered resources of Basra
  • A building housing the facility of Basra Mining Co.
  • The United Nations General Assembly Building
  • A vehicle-construction facility, which produced three Octocruisers

History Edit

Basra was founded during the early portion of March, in the year 2015. It has played a key role in the United Nations by holding the large and spacious two-story General Assembly building, and in the manufacture of the Octocruiser, a cheaply produced yet effective vehicle.

Basra fell due to a combination of bankruptcy and inactivity, and was finally erased in the advent of The Third Reset Era.

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