Belgrade / Beograd / Београд
Some attributes
Nation Yugoslavia, Serbia, Republika Srpska, Nova
King (Mayor) MajorPAIN40
Foundation Summer of 2014
Location Central Balkans

The town of Belgrade was a city in the old map. It was capital of Yugoslavia and Nova. The town was run by MajorPAIN40, was renown for the important citizens that started in the city, and being the father city of Madrid.

The mayor of the city was MajorPAIN40. The town grew rapidly in late summer of 2014, eventually becoming the largest city on the server for a brief period of time due to merging with another large city, Caracas. many citizens of Madrid consider Belgrade to be a founding city of the now extremely influential city.

The town included a city hall, a small moat and bridge, 5 houses, 3 skyscrapers, a storage room, and a mayor's mansion. An airport was being built, but after the fall of the weak government of Nova, all plans were ground to a halt. It is also notable to mention Nova's corrupt and abusive government, once destroying an apartment block and murdering many of it's own citizens to build the Airport. After Nova fell, Major's Yugoslavia took control of the city, where maximal growth was achieved.

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