To read about primitive Berlin before the Reset, check Old Berlin.

The town Berlin was a town previously owned by MajorPAIN40, which is now in the hands of Mr_Chicken702. His town of Berlin is located on the northern coast of Germany.

The Town Edit

The town shows a theme that mixes medieval Europe along with 1940's Berlin (Courtesy of the Reichstag town hall). The main building is the huge Reichstag, made by MajorPain in the past. There also used to be a wall rounding the town, which was later demolished for expansion and land claiming reasons. The center of the town is a huge square, likely the second largest in the world, just behind Warsaw. The square has 6 small houses, a fountain, several slimefun machines, and the Town Hall. Berlin does not currently own much land only occupying about 70 chunks total. There are plans made for expansion to the West and possibly East (If I, Mr_Chicken702 can think of anything to build there haha).

Foreign Relations Edit

There is not much to be said about this town other than that they are highly associated with allies and outsiders. One thing that shows this relation is the pathway that he and Enamir47 built to connect Dublin, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

Closest Allies: Edit

Past Allies Edit

Berlin is no longer existent due to the town moving its location and is now known as Naporia

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