The town of Bourdeaux was a small village at south-west of France in the old map. It was surrounded by Iberian Empire`s claims, like other neighbour towns like Marseille. It was in the Empire of Med, which then turned into the primitive Ecumenical Empire.

The town was made again after the reset twice, both for only several days, in 2014. Kingcasey made the town again, and then abandoned it. Then, MajorPain made Bourdeaux there again to remake French Empire (Napoleon), but the town was fast disbanded again. Nobody has settled there again.

Some attributes
Nation Empire of Med

Primitive Ecumenical Empire ???

King (Mayor) - Unknown (old map)

- Kingcasey - MajorPain

Foundation -Old Map (summer 14)

-New Map-> between October14 and December14

Location South-West of France

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