British Museum

Main attributes
Type of building Museum
Location 2nd World London
Date of construction Late 2014
Architect Xexekeli (and AtchySK?)
Use Permanent public exhibition
Owner London Government
Technical attributes
Materials Stonebricks and stoneslabs (walls), glass (pyramid), oak planks (floors)
Sizes Big. Two floors and a smaller underground area
The British Museum of History, also know as the British Museum, used to be one of the most important museums on the server during the Second World Period (10 October 2014 - 1 July 2015), and was located in London. It was created by Xexekeli during October 2014, but it was later abandoned.

The museum is a large stone building with two floors and an underground area. It has a glass pyramid, which allows light into the underground area. The flooring is made up of oak wood planks.

Certain collections had several items such as London cannons and war uniforms, famous tools and weapons, etc. There was also an art hall (underground, under the pyramid) with two replicas of paintings (Van Ghog and Banksy) and a replica of the Lion of Peace. The most valuable item was a piece of bedrock, which is still there, probably.

Destruction Edit

The building was destroyed by Kingcasey3 and The_local_dude during WWI, but was later rebuilt again.

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