butterbrine22 was a veteran player who is known in many different ways; fierce, villain, friend, destroyer, ally. Currently he does not play on the server, as he finds no interest in it anymore (this is also due to the fact that the server is no longer up).

Mark on the Server Edit


Butter's friend, GummyGuy.

butterbrine22 was known as a close friend to veteran player GummyGuy. They both have what can be considered by many to be a destructive personality. He was known for blowing up not only abandoned towns, but around active towns, similarly to Gummy and Kingcasey3.

Undoubtedly, butterbrine22 was an excellent player. He excelled in PVP (due to Slimefun), and could craft equally impressive items. The town that he belonged to, Atyrau, was shaped as a form of a military base, of whom only GummyGuy (the owner) and Pandalabs could easily enter.

First Air Hanger Built In Atyrau

First Hanger Built in Atyrau in the Second Era.

The greatest mark that butter left on the server was his collection of player heads. The head collection started off small - in the Second Era - but began growing slowly over time. By the time GummyGuy found this head collection, there were already over fifty heads on a large wall underground. This obsession grew even larger as Gummy joined in the collecting himself. All the heads that had been collected were moved to Atyrau, and the partners received the nicknames "HeadHunter" and "HeadCollecter". It is said that a total of 300+ different heads were collected through out the Second and Third Server Eras. However, as the server grew more boring to butter, all the heads were cast into lava at the AJ Altar in Atyrau, as a sacrifice to the great admin himself.

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