Some attributes
Nation Cahokian Dominion

(TheCarlagas & BlueStarThunder Era: Great Federation)

King (Mayor) -Bgrape (foundation)

-TheCarlagas (refoundation)


Foundation October 2014
Location Central United States, North America.
The town of Cahokia was a city in North America in October 2014. It was created and owner by Bgrape. It was one of the first towns in the New World; it had a nation which was the first big nation at the moment. That nation was Cahokian Dominion, then changed to American Dominion.

History Edit

The Founding Edit

The town of Cahokia was created by Bgrape, becoming one of the first towns after the reset. He began by making streets with areas for future buildings (an example of the famous Bgrape architecture). But after some time, the town was abandoned by Bgrape, who didn't come back to the server until Early 2015 (With the new name of Figus, and now joining Basra).

TheCarlagas & BlueStarThunder Era (Great Federation Era) Edit

(Page about this era: New Cahokia)

After it was abandoned, TheCarlagas took the place of Bgrape and created the town of New Cahokia, finally occupying the empty plots and updating the town with new buildings, like the Military Academy and the Town Quarry. He even did the Great New Cahokian Farm, which got a big role in the economy of the Great Federation. One day, a new player called BlueStarThunder joined New Cahokia, and after TheCarlagas noticed he was a trustworthy person with great leadership skills, TheCarlagas left New Cahokia so BlueStarThunder could become the new mayor. According to TheCarlagas, Blue made lots of great things, like making many more buildings and even building the New Cahokian Castle. But after some time, Blue got inactive and the town was deleted in February 2015.

The town Edit

It had typical Bgrape architecture, with urban planification, and several streets forming plots that were kept for building. The town was abandoned, and the buildings didn't appear until TheCarlagas took it.

Culture Edit

The traditional Bgrape architecture was a good example there, the town had a very own style that was kept when New Cahokia was created. It is worth the mention about the Bill of Rights.The Bill of Rights was the first book written in the server after the reset. That book is now kept at the Madrid Library as one of the most important pieces.

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