The city of Caracas was a town in the Old World, capital of South American Federation. The mayor was OwlCharles. The town disappeared after merging with MajorPAIN40's city Belgrade.

Caracas Notable Members Edit

OwlCharles, the former mayor, created this town and modernized South America. He started colonization of South America, eventually supporting Madrid to choose a location in South America to move their town. He also merged Caracas with Belgrade.

Ethan_awesome was the former assistant of Caracas. He helped with multiple construction projects and helped the town to grow.

TheCarlagas - This player, in the past moderator and a very influential server member, TheCarlagas started out in Caracas!

Buildings Edit

Caracas World Trade Center - This skyscraper was once the world's tallest building, and was one of the first skyscrapers ever built! It stood at 53 Meters tall and was home to many town embassies.

Caracas City Hall - One of the largest buildings in Caracas, it had 3 floors and was where Caracas was run.

Caracas Airport - This colorful airport became a short-lived landmark of Caracas.

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