Some attributes
Nation The Holy Empire
King (Mayor) MellamaLlama (TheCarlagas)
Foundation July 2014
Location Tunisia, North Africa

The town of Carthage was an Old World town founded by TheCarlagas, in July 2014. The Carthage region had a lot of history in the server, with lots of rulers, from TheCarlagas to DONREPANOCHA. There hasn't been any state officially established there since the 1/10/2014 reset, though.

Geography Edit

According to TheCarlagas, the Geography of the Carthage Region in the Old World was flat, desertic, and had a really small amount of trees (it is known that all saplings and wood came from Sicily).

In the other hand, the Geography of the Carthage Region in the New World is mountainous, with a big roof forest, and not having a desert until ending the Carthage Region. Unlike the Old World's Carthage, this New World one is perfect for someone to live.


Carthage Region in the New World

History Edit

TheCarlagas Era (Pre-Reset) Edit

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