City States are towns on the server that self-govern, and are apart of no country. Nice examples of this would be towns such as Oceanstone, founded by FuegoYT, who has vowed that his towns will never join nations, or the old Chicago, which never wondered about joining a nation, in the first month of New World`s history. Other City States got a nation, but they are the only ones in it and aren`t trying to add more towns.

As of this time, after The Second Reset Era, there are numerous City States across the planet:

San Jose



Old Chicago



Numerous others (please add)

Anyway, there have been different situations of less absolute City States along history, cases about towns that didn`t reach high levels of isolation like the other ones, but also enjoyed a huge autonomy. In June 2014, Axim declared itself independent (as they shouted and spreaded in the walls and newspapers), and kept a City State system until Aximians created their empire, WestAfrica. Also, Cascadia stayed as City State for much time, in different moments of history. The town of Lavantis, by Fuego, also had the same ideology that Oceanstone. In October 2014, the town of Chicago was a nice example of City-State. Some of these examples are more related to theories about isolationism, and others, like Axim or Cascadia, refer only to a specific part of their history.