The City of Ramkahen (es: Ciudad de Ramkahen), future capital of the Ramkahen Kingdom (es: Reino del Sol Creciente) is a town located in South America, more concrete in the River Plate (es: Río de la Plata). It was founded by Rashidamon the 28th June of 2017.

History Edit

Before Ramkahen was founded, there were two tribes in the area: the Sunspear and the Charrúa. Both tribes had hostile relations between them, but near the XII century they united under the king of the Sunspear. The tribes were developed enough to be self-sufficient. But then, there was an earthquake. The Charrúa and the Sunspear were devasted, there was hunger, the people had no houses, and more disasters.

But later, Mexitl, God of the war and the strong, revealed to the King Juan Andrés IV that they would find a place to live peacefully and that they would prosper, but they had to find the divine signal: an eagle eating a snake next to a river.

So the Sunspear and the Charrúa moved to the north, trying to find the signal. When they were hopeless, next to the River Plate, appeared the signal that Mexitl said. Renamed Ramkahen, the tribe started to building their new capital.

Centuries and centuries passed, and Ramkahen was still isolated. But later, Tonantzin, the godess of prosperity and order, revealed to the people that a new era was opening, and that Ramkahen must start to get prepared for it.

Religion Edit

Ramkahen people are politeists. They believe in four Gods, which are family and created the universe when nothing ruled. They put their faith in them, and in reward they give the people what they pray for.

  • Mexitl: God of war, strong, victory and glory. He created the universe with Kukulkana.
  • Tonantzin: Godess of prosperity, order, stability and peace. She created the universe with Mexitl.
  • Moctezuma: God of health, nature, fertility and agriculture. Son of Mexitl and Tonantzin.
  • Izeltzin: Godess of justice, death, power and equity. Daughter of Mexitl and Tonantzin.