The Town of Cleveland-Erie was a small hamlet founded by Flyingaero119 on the southern shores of Lake Erie, on the continent of North America. This town was a member of the United Republic, Imperial Asia and the United Federation. It's final mayor was Enamir47, who didn't join a nation yet.

Current citizens as of 5 July 2015:Edit

  • Flyingaero119, founder of the city and main terraformer of the land
  • Enamir47, resident Slimefun expert, machinist, and alchemist
  • HumanPokedex, another civilian, mostly inactive.


  • Cleveland-Erie was originally settled as Cleveland, except Aero found out it where he first claimed was closer to real-life Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. He therefore claimed over Cleveland, but kept the original claims, and as a result, the name stuck.
  • The mecha EVE was created in this town.