2015-05-29 20.12.17

A clone of the ilia_bro's borther, lapisguy, at spawn

A Clone are the exact replicas of other players used in the game for various reasons.

Clones on EarthEdit

As on now, only Admins can produce clones. Clones are exact identical copies of a PC (playable character), that are turned into NPCs, primarily used at former player monuments. There are many clones and even some that roam abandoned towns like one of DONREPANOCHA in Stockholm and one of Atchy SK found in Pressburg. The largest gathering of clones was at the Second World's Spawn, in Greenland, at the MinecraftPlanetEarth Spawn that are copies of former staff members,

Clone UsesEdit

Many clones are used at former plat monuments and ex-staff list at World Spawn, but are also used to test before spawning in mobs, to kill (one commonly used to kill are clones of F1sh98), to simply toy with and even by admins to confuse and astonish new players.

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