Some attributes
Nation Great Federation


King (Mayor) Unknown
Foundation January 2015 or maybe before
Location East of Black Sea, the frontier between Europe and Asia
The town of Constantinople was a medium size town, East of Europe. It was capital of Byzantium. It disappeared due to mayor`s inactivity.

Symbols Edit

Town`s flag was a red banner with a yellow +.

History Edit

The town joined Great Federation. Then they finally broke relations with them and created Byzanzium nation. The town is currently abandoned. An archaeological expedition from Madrid visited it in 22th March 2015.

The town Edit

It had a medium size - big castle, the main building. The castle was center of the town`s and nation`s government. Around, there were houses and a market with red and yellow roofs stalls. There was also a very big farm. Architectonic style of the town was very advanced, mainly in the castle.

Economy Edit

Probably not very developed. Constantinople`s economy was slave of Great Federation`s economy, as the mayor said. F1sh created an economic system to keep Constantinople dependent of him. It was bassed on small trade, and mainly agriculture.

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