Do not confuse with NATO, created after the Towny Glitch of May, because NATO was renamed to Democratic Union for a bit. If you were linked here, you might have to read NATO because ok linking confusions DU-NATO.

Democratic Union
Motto (unofficial) Democracy, freedom and peace
Some attributes
Other names -
Evolution from... Wolfcoast Union
Evolution to... Ecumenical Empire
King Dimavr2
Capital Papua New Guinea
Important towns Papua New Guinea

Bangkok Pressburg Madrid Chicago

Foundation November-December 2015
Disbanded Late January 2015 (Split of Dem. Union)
The Democratic Union (DU) was a nation created between November-December 2014, instead of Wolfcoast Union, and disbanded in Late January 2015, in the Split of Democratic Union, when the remaining towns founded Ecumenical Empire II. DU was one of the biggest nations ever, reaching more than 20 towns.