See Turbat. DiamondSide is a town made by RapidFire91 after the June Reset, its the capital of Rapid's nation: Team_Diamond. Rapid is the only resident and is now building many projects in the town.

Current Projects:

  • Rapid Manor

Finished Projects:

  • Sheep Farm
  • Horse Barn
  • Rapid's Mypet Shop

Future Projects:

  • SlimeFun Laboratory
  • Movecraft Hangar
  • Movecraft Dock
  • SlimeFun Fruit Farm
  • Automatic Farms
  • Rapid's Wool Delivery
  • Rapid's Horse Shop

Allied Towns:

  • Atyrau (Mayor GummyGuy)
  • FishKill (Mayor builderdan2002)
  • SanFransisco (Mayor Titan812)
  • Midnight_Forest (Mayor Midnight_Ninja)

Friends of DiamondSide:

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