Ecuador is a small town located in the Northwestern region of South America. The walled town is located right up against the great Andes mountains. Ecuador was founded by superstar25 on July 10th, 2015. Five days later superstar agreed to join the Caribbean Union (Coastal Union ). Ecuador was the second town to join the nation, which later became the most populous nation on the server. On the 18th, it came out that Joe_DaKnight14, a new Ecuadorian, planned to stage a coup over superstar, the mayor then. After hearing this, superstar promptly kicked Joe out the town with Coastal Union aid. Not long after, the Battle of Ecuador occured. This was superstar and Coastal Union allies driving Joe out of the town. Early the next month, superstar decided to leave Ecuador to create The Netherlands , he left ccferrari to lead the town, who is usually offline. Ecuador has two colonies: the annexed Galapagos islands and a carribean outpost off the coast of Venezuela. The South Atlantic tunnel was funded and primarily built by Ecuador.

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