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Organization Edit

Founded September 6, 2015 Goals: The Eurasian Union creates a political, economic, and diplomatic union between Towns without creating a nation. Its purpose is to provide a safe trading environment, increase regional friendliness and alliances, increase positive relations between international leaders in Europe and Asia, and create infrastructure in Eurasian towns.

Member States Edit

Geneva 9/6/15

Netherlands (Amsterdam) 9/6/15

Mond Reich (Berlin) 9/6/15

Paris 9/7/15

Spain (Madrid ) 9/7/15

Seoul 9/7/15 (Disbanded)

Palma 9/8/15

Ur 9/8/15

Arabia 9/10/15

Rhodes 9/11/15

Rome 9/11/15

Manus Island 9/12/15

Athens 9/19/15

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