Fedemonia / Fidemonia / Cyprus
Some attributes
Nation Empire of Med ?
King (Mayor) Xexekeli
Foundation July 2014 ?
Location Cyprus, Eastern Mediterraneum Sea
Fedemonia was a town in the Old Map, before the October Reset. It was probably placed in Cyprus and its mayor was Xexekeli.

Buildings & MonumentsEdit

The town was small, and centered in the sea activities, so the town grew around its port. The first building of the town was a big airport with an airway and a control tower.


The Fedemonian Culture wasn't very strong, but it was a town that cared very much about it. Fedemonians built lots of small pavillions. Each one had information about a country.


It is known that TheCarlagas, some days after joining the server, lived in a town named Cyprus. Although that has nothing to do with Fedemonia. Fedemonia was an imaginary town created by xexekeli and no ruins were found in cyprus when xexekeli joinned.

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