Federationism is the belief in the superiority and/or loyalty to the Great Federation, specifically, F1sh98. A federationist is a believer in Federationism. After World War 3, this term morphed into a non-prestigious term, and heavy discrimination against these people (primarily by former Ecumenicals) became commonplace.

One example is with the player ZaneRietchstlin. He used to be a citizen of Madrid and assistant of mayor DONREPANOCHA. When Zane became a suspect of cooperation with F1sh and began complaining about the Democratic Union and the Ecumenical Empire, he began to be shunned by the society. Finally, pressure pushed him to take asylum in the Federation capital Mendoza. The Federation fell after the war, a war in which many people had already abandoned and began fighting against the Federation.

Today, Federationism is, for the most part, dead, but there are some small groups of Federationists out there.

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