First War of Old Chicago

Some attributes
Date October 2014
Belligerent A Old Chicago (Ninjagoawesome)
Belligerent B Madrid (DONRE)

London (Xexekeli) PapuaNG (Dimavr2)

Resoult Madrid won
Causes Illegal Chicagoan fort near Madrid, Chicagoans shooting weapons near Madrid, sheep`s death
Consequences Chicago`s fort`s destruction, creation of a dealed Chicago`s farming outpost at North-East
Type of conflict Intertowns killing war (not towny war)
The First War of Old Chicago was the FIRST WAR AFTER THE RESET. It consisted in the facement between Madrid and Old Chicago.

Old Chicago, ruled by Ninjagoawesome, had built a small fort near Madrid without Madritian authorization. Madrid told them to go out, but they refused once and once. Finally, Madritians got really angry when Ninjago and his friends were testing guns near of Madrid. When the sheeps from the sheep farm were found died, DONRE accused old-Chicagoans for it. Ninjago denied it. Finally, war broke between both towns.

London and some other towns went to help Madrid, while Chicago didn`t have allies. A player called Dungeoneer appeared and started trying to help solving the conflict in a paceful way. London`s mayor built a small structure in Madrid to deffend against the invaders, a wooden structure now known as the Xexekeli`s Fort. This structure, the second stuff built in Madrid ever (after the storage, the only Madritian building existing during this war) is still kept in Madrid. It was moved from its original place to build the Main Square there, and replaced in the corner between Tesla Avenue and Nepal Street.

Finally, Madrid and London kicked old-Chicagoans out successfully.