The History Edit

(For the full history, see Fort Garnik History)

1000 Years Ago For Garnik was made by early caveman, who found a cave in the mountain and settled there, years passed and as they learned to make tools they carved the fort into the shape it is today, after 500 years passed Fort Garnik held tons of rich's the world had never seen before. Fort Garniks Neighbors got jealous and planed an attack to take the jewels by force.

The War Edit

Fort Garniks Nearby Neighbors soon got jealous and planed an attack to become the richest town in the world, a harsh battle was layed out and lots of men woman and children died, as the fort was falling. Knowing this was the end, the leader of the fort summoned a powerful Iron Golem now called The Guardian Of Fort Garnik to protect it and keep its legacy living. The Guardian still stands strong today.

Present Day Edit

After over 200 years since the fort had fallen, it had been rediscovered by Mr_Chicken but was then given to Zero_Crazy , today Zero_Crazy has done so much to rebuild the fort, the moss and ruins are now fixed up and pretty again, and its legacy shall live on forever. However, after the reset the remanins dissapered.

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