The Discovery Edit

Fort Garnik was discovered by Mr_Chicken and was claimed as an outpost, later Zero_Crazy bought it off him and Zero_Crazy took control of the Fort. When he arrived there, it was ruins, vines everywhere, the place looked like it was bombed. After some time the fort was patched up and some additional things were added to it.

Economy Edit

Fort Garnik's Economy is unknown, they mostly specialize in military ships and weapons, the fort is armed with lots of defense weapons. Fort Garnik has multiple ships which they soon plan to sell: they are moving into the movecraft industry.

Weapon Discovery Edit

Fort Garnik discovered something that would change the server, Fort Garnik had created, armed, and tested a Nuke. Later Zero introduced this weapon to the UN to see what they thought of the weapon, later it was disabled due to a glitch that enabled the nukes creation.

Alliance Edit

Fort Garnik had multiple towns they have relations with including: Chicago, Madrid, Dublin, Berlin, The_ISS, and Budapest. Dublin and Madrid are the closet alliance with Fort Garnik, and Dublin And Fort Garnik signed a defense treaty stating if any of the towns go to war, the other will come to defend the town.

Structure Edit

Fort Garnik's Structure was mostly made of stone bricks, for protection against bombing and because it looked cool, Fort Garniks rooms were mostly cramp with each other but still offering plenty of rooms, They Had: Medical Bay, Slimefun Lab, Living Quarters, Ship Dock, Hangar Under Stairs, Storage Room, 2 Towers For Defense, A Jail Cell, And Much More.

Legacy Edit

Fort Garnik and the rest of the world were deleted after the reset. Fort Garnik was one of the servers militaristic towns, they specialized in war ships, turrets, and other machines of war, and they were the only town on the server to be a Fort Itself, having made great discoveries had made Fort Garnik quite popular.