The Fourth Reich is a monarchal confederation-run nation, ruled by Kingcasey3 and The local dude. It was established on the 7th of November 2015, with London as its capital. The first two colonies were founded by London; Niger, a small mining outpost in Africa, and Canberra, a farming outpost in Australia, which supplies London's food.

The current member-states of the Empire are:

History Edit

Co-founded by Kingcasey3 and The_local_dude, the first town to be added was local's newly-established "Germania" - Ancient Roman name for Germany - which consists of his old town, the Fourth Reich. Slowly, alliances were made across the map, and other towns were added.

Government Edit

The Fourth Reich's government is a Monarchal-Confederation. The Empire is ruled by a King, but his powers are limited. The Empire plans to be as democratic as possible.

Parliament will be held in the city of Germania

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