Beginnings and Riverbrook Edit

See RapidFire91 For more detail.Fuego joined the server at an unknown time and originally joining his friend GummyGuy's town, Creen. A conflict with the_local_dude resulted with Fuego being promoted to the mayor of Creen after GummyGuy left. Fuego renamed it Riverbrook (located in Nova Scotia). As time went on Fuego's friends began to leave Riverbrook and once he was all alone Fuego decided to move. After adventuring to a chunk error near Riverbrook Fuego found a village in the middle of the Atlantic and decided to move there.


Thus began Lavantis. Fuego started work on a wall and filling in the space of the wall with grass. Some of his friends joined his new town and it began to grow. Everything was good but Fuego was getting bored of living in an ocean. He started adventuring for new building land, and found a nice area in North Korea. He was getting ready to move, and was about to announce it to his town members when The Great Towny Glitch of 2015 happened.


After The Great Towny Glitch of 2015, Fuego took this opportunity to move him and his residents to the new area in North Korea. The town is still currently being built up and so far the has been looking good. Fuego has started recording for Youtube in this new town. Fuego recently changed his name to FuegoTheViking. One of his stupidest names


Allied towns of Oceanstone are Atyrau (Owner: PandaLabs) and GummyCo. (Owner: GummyGuy)


Fuego owns a channel called TheRedDiamond that has videos of some of his adventures on MinecraftPlanetEarth. This allowed him to get the nickname YoutuberFuegoYT from AbsurdAJ.

Channel (Family Friendly :D):


  • GummyGuy
  • butterbrine22
  • Midnight_Ninja
  • builderdan2002
  • Dominospitza (Formerly DJcanthavecheese)
  • Titan812
  • Typhlosion_Wolf (Formerly lindsey_bearr)
  • Superheroguy123


  • Crater (Creeper Mypet)
  • Pablo (Dog)
  • Pack of 18 Dogs (Including and Led by Pablo)