GA1109 is a player, real life friend of xCodeNameEagle. His first town was Managua (co-founded with Eagle), before quickly starting Atlantis due to disagreements in Managua. He was the first to turn Atlantis into a town, and many have since copied his idea. He left Atlantis to create Newfoundland. Newfoundland was too large for him to build on and he left when he lost his inspiration for the project. After that he switched towns often. More recently, he had created Hawaii, after fighting a small skirmish to gain the land. He fortified the main island after which many came to build onto his design when he left. Hawaii is currently unclaimed.

Very recently he created a town called Yamossoukro in memory and honor of 7_17builderS. GA1109 was very involved in the server, but took a long break after Hawaii and being demoted from helper after a war and he was accused of abusing power. He just recently returned to the server. When he returned he had found that he had lost a majority of his best friends on the server, as xCodeNameEagle had quit, 7_17builderS had been exiled, and many more. In his latest post about his town, he says he plans to create a nation for his new town when he has enough money, as he lost his money a some point when he quit.

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