Some attributes
Nation None
King (Mayor) Ta_Invisible_Man, evan1395 (Pre-Reset)
Foundation Early 2015
Location South America

Glasgow was a small town west of Madrid. It consisted of 3 buildings and a short span of road in between them. Glasgow had been the base for the construction of several unsuccessful airships and fighters, one being the S.T.E.V. House-1 airship.

History Edit

Glasgow was originally founded by Ta_Invisible_Man in an unknown time period. Ta left after being accused of something and being "so done with this server". After Glasgow's original destruction, evan1395 recreated the town and was the only resident there. He later gave th town to Madrid, and Ta Invisible Man, who had moved to Madrid, worked building in modern part to link both urban areas, to fully integrate Glasgow in Madrid. Evan moved to create Cape Town.

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