Great Federation
Motto Long life the King of Kings!
Some attributes
Other names Trade Federation (Original Title)

New Federation (Final Days)

Evolution from... A collection of growing amounts of players in the city of Mendoza...
Evolution to... a first-rate world power, with strength rivaling that of the Ecumenical Empire
King F1sh98

Onionhunter (while Fed was dying, he was the heir)

Capital Mendoza

Darwin (when Onion was king)

Important towns Mendoza

Chicago North Korea Darwin

Foundation December 9, 2014
Disbanded February 28, 2015

The Great Federation, or The New Federation during its downfall, was a nation created from the rubble of the United Republic. This nation sprawled across many parts of the world. The capital was almost always Mendoza, and the ruuler was, 97% of its time, F1sh98. It existed between December 2014 and early March of 2015 (WW3). One of the Great Federation's claims to fame was that its existance itself was heavily controversial. The Federation, Mendoza, F1sh, and all they stood for was frowned upon by the Ecumenical Empire, particularly citizens of the city of Madrid, due to actions of wanton aggression and war toward the city. On the other hand, other known supporters of F1sh, even in the slightest, even if they were spies, are MajorPAIN40, JDVCrafter, TheCarlagas, and Flyingaero119.

Following the dissolution of the Federation, the new United Nations was formed, if an effort to bring about world peace.

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