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Some suitcases to Argentina.

The Great Madrid Migration, also simply Great Migration or Big Migration, was the process in that the peninsular Madrid moved to Argentina and became South Madrid, in September 2014.

Causes: Edit

-The Lisbon`s imperialism was circling Madrid and they wanted conquer it.

-The Canarys conflict, added to other problems with Lisbon, was the final trigger.

-There were a lot of mountains in Spain, could be really difficult make a big town there. Argentina was very flat.

-Europe was becaming hacinated, principally because the imperialisms. Madrid wanted a good place far of other town to grow, but not aislated: Argentina.

Consequences: Edit

-Old Madrid fell into ruin.

-Abidjan was moved to their outpost in South America (Montevideo) and changed their name to North Madrid. Madrid changed it into South Madrid. The both towns worked like only one.

-The relations with Ecumenical Empire, Lisbon`s nation, also were weaker. When South and North Madrid joined Ecumenical Empire and European Union then, they were always a half-independent town, no all ecumenical. The nations Ecu and then EU were only Madrid Protectors.

The admins only could move the Madrid Tower, so good part of Old Madrid fell into ruins to take at least the materials. The things to transport to Argentina were keept in chests in the Town Spawn, but it never travelled all to the new Madrid. The 1/10/2014 reset anouncement made stop the slow transport and good part of the things never arrived to Argentina.

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