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A Picture Made By GummyGuy of GummyGuy

GummyGuy has been playing Minecraft since the Alpha release. He enjoys games such as Minecraft, Robocraft, and Stronghold Legends. He was told about MCPE by Enamir47, and decided to get on. That is where his history began. Even after many - many - bad events, he still chose to play to it's final days.

History Edit

GummyGuy joined on February 3, 2015 as Stronghammer6. He was quickly invited to his friend Enamir's town, Maritime. The town was simply a village in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  He gained ownership of it when Enamir decided to create a town on one of the Alaskan Islands. A name was not chosen until later when Stronghammer6 moved over to the new town. After a bit of thinking, the name "Schneit" (meaning; snowing) came up, due to the large amount of snow that constantly plagued the area.

2015-07-05 17.37.05

A Picture of GummyGuy From Behind, While Being Controlled By Admin justin_393.

Fall of Schneit Edit

Many buildings started popping up within the town as a few other players started to join it. One of the few players was someone named seadragon186. It wasn't long until Stronghammer wanted to start gaining power for himself, rather than being controlled. He was able to convince Enamir47 to hand him over the mayor position for Schneit. Stronghammer had only accomplished a little. He joined a nation known as the World Wide Alliance (WWA). It was not long after that the WWA had no more towns except for Schneit. At first this was thought of as a great achievement by the people of Schneit. The nation that had been acquired had two allies, one being The Federation. Soon after, the town fell under the attack of Jacobflo111 and JohnH1. A few players came to help Schneit, but it was in vain. The town lost a massive amount of money. So in the end, Stronghammer made the ultimate decision to disband the town, instead of loosing any more cash.

Creation and Destruction Of Creen Edit

After Schneit was disbanded, name changes had come out, and Stronghammer6 changed his name to GummyGuy, after his skin. Schneit was the recreated by Enamir47 on the Canadian/American boarder. It was near another town owned by Bearhallow. GummyGuy still wanted power, so he created a town for himself and his friends, called "Creen". The town was in Northern Canada along the Atlantic Ocean. A nation was also created by GummyGuy.

It was not long after the creation of Creen that a player named the_local_dude began to hang around the town. The town was eventually attacked by local and Spidey, who bargained to give land back for $100k a town block. GummyGuy quickly handed over mayor to Viledro72, and rejoined Dublin. The town did survive, and was renamed RiverBrook by Viledro.

Beginnings of Atyrau Edit

Dublin had began to gain more players, as well as a lot of popularity. Soon after, the United Nations (UN) was created. Enamir him self says: "OwlCharles formed the United Nations to defend against server tyranny. Dublin was invited into the UN, and Enamir47 spent his time working on the new outpost in Ireland.". GummyGuy spent his time building up The Tower of Dublin at the Irish Sector.

2015-07-09 12.07.17

The Current Town Hall Of Atyrau

 However, GummyGuy was starting to want power again. In a last-attempt hope, he took half of the town's funds as well as half of the town's people and created a new town in Siberia. The new town went through several name changes, including: Malevolent, Malevolence, and Revolution. It was around this time that GummyGuy started to gain power, mainly through Slimefun. It was also around this time that OwlCharles had begun to advertise his and a friend's server. GummyGuy had reported him on the forums much to the dislike of many players. With the leader of the UN gone, there  

was very little to stand in his way. 

More land was needed to expand. One spot along the Caspian Sea was chosen; a flat area that was a part of a larger desert. More names were thought of and the name Atyrau was chosen. This is after the real-world town that is located in that area.

Head Collecting Edit

Gummy planned on this patch of desert to become a large Air Base, and support any ally that need help when the need popped up. Very little else was built except two large hangars. On these hangars GummyGuy and butterbrine22 put up the heads of friend and foe. They got these heads using the Sword of Beheading from the Slimefun plugin. In total, there was around 120 heads. Several of the heads were bought by GummyGuy, and along with this new collection, GummyGuy received the nickname "HeadCollecter". As for butterbrine22, he got the name "HeadHunter".

Duping Operation Edit

Around the time that Atyrau was created, butterbrine22 discovered a duping glitch with the Portable Enchanter. Quickly, he and Gummy took advantage of this item to create massive numbers of airstrikes. These airstrikes would be used to pull off operations such as the Sahara Scar. Armor and weapons were also duped, as well as a large number of super golden apples.

Also, another item from Slimefun began being used by GummyGuy, this being the Soulbound backpack. The backpack itself would have to be duped and then one given to another player. Players could then put in items, and pull the items out at the same time resulting in double of what was put in. GummyGuy and butterbrine22 used this to dupe a large number of super golden apples and Slimefun Talismans of the Anvil (Yes, this is why their armor never broke). Many players constantly claimed that GummyGuy and butterbrine22 duped, but it was never officially found until the admins did a full search of their chests. GummyGuy would constantly deny the fact that he ever duped, for he simple stated "[that] with the advanced digital miner, we can get out resources much faster that anyone".


Bans and Punishment Edit

- Banned for one week after was convicted of using Uranium from Slimefun to kill players in a safe zone.

-Banned somewhere around twenty times in one night by admin justin_393 with a ban zapper.

-Banned originally for six weeks when it was found out that large scale duping was taken place in Gummy's base. After making an appeal, the ban was then shortened to three weeks.