Gymmy's Double-Decked Tradin' Stand is a store owned by a player.


One day, GymSock17 decided to fish on the beach in his town, Bangkok, to raise his power level. He placed a chair down on the beach and began to fish. After a while, it began to get dark and rain, so Gym decided if he was going to fish, he needed a shelter! He gathered up materials and began to build, and the idea of his stand began and rapidly developed, and soon became what we know it as today!


Bangkok (2)



Recently, the business opened up small in small shops in Madrid and Dublin. The business wishes to expand to other towns and trading posts that would be willing to let a stand open in their area.


Gymmy's Post sell a variety of things:

Edible Fish

Cocoa Beans


Meats and Poultry

Guns (future stores in wooded areas)


Rabbit Hide

Rabbit Feet (when in stock)

Future StoresEdit


Phnom Penh


Baleric Islands (possibly)

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