The town of Havana was a Caribbean Union town before the 1/10/2014 reset.

Source: Aj
Some attributes
Nation Caribbean Union
King (Mayor) Au4
Foundation Unknown
Location NE Cuba

Source: AbsurdAJ

Buildings and monuments Edit

The town was a middle size town near the sea. This town was famous because the different sport courts, with a real size, including:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey

It also featured a developed university, the Havana University, and military infrastructure, but was mostly a low-lying, suburban town.

Havana was independently organized into a Statist Socialist economy locally, with all natural resources shared within the town.

Havana was to host of the Burrito Drug Company until it outsourced to Vault15.

Events Edit

Havana hosted many world spectacles for its small size, including the most famous Cuban War.

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