The town Hawaii was a settlement on Hawaii islands, in Pacific Ocean.

History Edit

GA`s Age Edit

Hawaii was founded by GA1109 after the October Reset. There were tensions with Zero_Crazy, who also wanted to. Finally, GA won and claimed the land, while Zero made Washington. GA built a huge fortress there, walling the island, and building a road to the peak of Mauna Kea.

Au4`s Age Edit

Eventually GA1109 left MC. Later Au4 took power, and began constructing infrastructure.

Madrid`s domination Edit

Nobody knows why or who, but Madrid claimed Hawaii then. Probably one of the assistants. Who did it was never discovered.

DragonParadox`s Age Edit

When DragonParadox (after his town Venice fell) asked for it, Madritian Government gave him the island. Then Hawaii joined Great Federation. The mayor got inactive a little after, and finally the town disappeared.

Fort Garnik Age Edit

Then, the islands were claimed by Fort Garnik, Zero's town, giving Zero the rule on the Polynesian Island he wanted.

Hawaii's Dismise Edit

Eventually, Hawaii became unclaimed and was completely destroyed by an unknown person (likely kingcasey3) All that remains are some stone bricks, chests, furnaces, and a crater where the town used to be.

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