The town of Hillion was a town in the young new world after the Reset. It was a small town owned by Liagkas in Russia. Liagkas owned and expanded the town until he left to make Kenya.

History Edit

The town was created by Liagkas_GR on the Eastern Banks of the Black Sea, near Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai, Russia (Краснодар, Краснодар Краи, Россия). It was a popular town thanks to the mayor, who was always inviting everyone to join. According to historians, that insistence caused a decline in the popularity of the town, which eventually would lead to its demise. When Liagkas abandoned Hillion and made Kenya, Neutron took the land to make Swaggy.

The town Edit

- Who wants to join Hillion??? It`s flat!!! It`s flat!!! - The mayor of Hillion, describing his town. He used to say it all the time.

The town's design and architecture was infamously ugly, which was a very popular opinion. It had small paths and small cobble buildings surrounded by green areas. There was a main building at the centre of the town, along with a supermarket. There was also a dock, which wasn't very secure, as vessels were constantly and easily stolen. After the town was abandoned, ruins were used to create the town Swaggy.

Economy Edit

There was probably some movecraft business, thanks to Liagkas' enterprise, Liagkas Planes. Wood industry was probably inexistent, because there was a shortage of trees in the region, as many people complained. The economy was based in commerce, mainly listed items by Liagkas and Neutron (resident) in the GlobalMarket. They sold stuff that used to be easy to find or useless.

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