The Official Flag Of Hispaniola
Some attributes
Nation Carribean_Union
King (Mayor) 8bit_craftr
Foundation July 4th
Location The Island Of Hispaniola

Hispaniola was a small town owned by 8bit_craftr in the location of the countries Haiti and also the Dominican Republic and the island Hispaniola. It was also known as Fort Hispaniola, as it was designed to be a fortified town near the sea. It had 5 citizens at its highest point. It ran out of money in its bank and got deleted. It is currently an outpost of Rhodes. 8bit still lives there and continues to expand it.

Hispaniola map

Hispaniola when it was still a town


Hispaniola in September

Hispaniola firsthouse

The First Building in Hispaniola

The architecture style of Hispaniola was unique in the sense that no other town on the server prior to it had used this style, but it was influenced by previous towns. The style consisted of granite, cobble, and jungle wood buildings with 3 block wide streets and a block high platform extending from the road. It had 8 complete buildings and some roads. There was a tunnel going from the north of the island to the south of it. There were plans to expand the tunnel from the town to the southern part of the island, and 8bit was planning to finish it and start building on the other side. 8bit was planning to build skyscrapers and more buildings and make it a city part of Rhodes.

Starting from 16/10/15, it was a state of the Rhodes Oligarchy. It was important because of its industrial, mining, and fishing economy.


-Temporary Town Hall of Hispaniola and Rhodes Embassy

-8bit_farms HQ

-North-South "Granite Tunnel"

-Storehouse #1

-North Public Storage

-Mines of Hispaniola


-8bit's house

-Empty house (Alfanza's former)

-Empty house (CallieMav's former)

-Empty house (Netherjon's former)

More Buildings Under Development:

-Town Hall of Hispaniola and Rhodes Embassy


-Beach (under development)

- Town Center (under development)



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