hot_shot17 is a player on Minecraft Planet Earth. She was invited to the server in 2015 by her family member, GymSock17. She was first in the city of Bangkok, until it sadly disappeared after the ending of the Second World. Today, she lives in Gym's own town of Rhodes, as a farmer and builder, and contributor to Rhodes as a whole.

Time well spent Edit

Hot_shot17 spends her time mining and farming. She has a personal farm consisting of carrots, potatoes, and wheat. Hot_shot17 is a fan of sharing, anyone in her town can take what they please, as long as they plant it back.

Hot_shot17 mines because she is on a quest to find the precious, rare diamond. She longs to have an enchantment table and an enchanted diamond picaxe.

Hot_shot17 also has the occupation of a builder, but she hasn't don't much with that job yet, but she plans to in the future. She hopes to contribute to her growing town of Rhodes.

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