Do not confuse with the town Illuminati.

The Illuminati was an organization, a group of five players, founded to make money and then give away the money to newbs. This group was created before the reset. The head was Figus, aka Bgrape.The goal was benevolent, but they got caught up in acts with heavily skeptical players and those convulsed with paranoia, ruining their image. At one point a bomb was set off in their underground base , with a message left from xCodeNameEagle. It was later found out that he was framed, but who framed him is lost to history. After this tragedy, Illuminati ties gradually grew weaker, and it was disbanded altogether. The information about this group is almost unexistent. Other organization with similar functions was the World Bank, which is now unexistent, but Madrid and Bangkok are the heirs. World Bank collected money from rich towns and sent it to poor towns.

Known members of this group were Flyingaero119, TheCarlagas, and Bgrape.

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