Information Edit

Imperial_Asia was a democratic nation founded by apineda and co-founded by The_Emperor14. Each town in the nation had two representatives that attended the council. Decisions were decided by the majority of the voting in the council. Most decisions required a 50% vote to pass a legislation or movement. However, some decisions such as kicking a town from the nation and going to war required a 2/3 vote to pass.

apineda: "We have no intent of going to war, this nation is mostly made up of peace-loving people such as myself"

Imperial_Asia's last status: Peaceful

- The leader has the right to veto a declaration of war, but does not have the right to declare war without the approval of the council.

- Imperial_Asia includes various ranks such as: Emperor (leader), Head_Adviser, Adviser, Representative, Member, and other ranks that can be added into the system.

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