Democratic InterPol
Motto Unknown
Some attributes
Other names International Police

Japanese Federation

Evolution from... -
Evolution to... -
King Apineda
Capital Royal Japan
Important towns Royal Japan

Aell DEZ

Foundation 10th March 2015
Disbanded -
The nation of InterPol was created on May 10th, 2015, centered in Royal Japan.

InterPol Edit

Creation Edit

InterPol was created in retaliation to mutual enmity towards several players, as well as to counterbalance the tensions between several spideyist rebels inside World Wide Empire and the ECU. World Wide has shown its support to Ecu by stopping these rebels.

Post-Glitch Edit

After The Great Towny Glitch of 2015, InterPol was renamed a few times, ending um as Democratic InterPol. Contrary to the name, the ruler happens to still be the single monarch apineda. InterPol rapidly expanded after the glitch, recruiting new towns as they appeared. This time, alliances changed and spideyists came to apineda's side, seeing as their enemies were against apineda already.