The town of Jericho was F1sh98`s town when he returned from his ban in summer. It was originally owned and constructed by Potatoetron until F1sh`s parolee was over and he got rights to own a town. The city's mayor was originally intended to be used as a "pseudo leader" until the parole period had expired. After the parole period was over, Potatoetron did not give up the city due to the fact that F1sh98 had made little contributions to help build the infrastructure. Later that day, the city was seized through the use of a "coup d'état" or military coup organized by F1sh98 and executed by Flyingaero119. It was capital of Jericho Republic, one of the largest nations ever. Jericho was destroyed by GA and kingcasey3, as well as other player, Some of them residents in Jericho. For more info, see Siege of Jericho.

The city was pillaged and its buildings standing in ruins. Jericho is currently being repaired.

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