8bit_craftr, previously known as Justinjacob, has been a peaceful and somewhat of an important player of Minecraft Planet Earth.

He joined in August 2014.

He was promoted to helper in May 2015, and still is a pretty active helper, unlike what kingcasey3 says.

He had been the mayor of Bangkok since the Thai power change in March 2015 until the second reset.

He was the Mayor of Hispaniola, a small Caribbean town.

He is currently a resident of Rhodes, controlling the Rhodes State of Hispaniola, in the location of his old town.

History Edit

First World Edit

Pre-Reset to Tehran Period Edit

Justinjacob first joined the server in August, 2014. His friend MajorPAIN40 had told him about it. The first town he had seen was Major's town, Berlin. The more and more he started to play on the server, the more he began to like it. Soon after, he joined MajorPAIN's Baku (Along the Caspian sea), which only had a few citizens (Mostly IRL Friends) and one house. It was a short-lived town, and afterwards justinjacob spent around two weeks town-less. He kept an unprotected house in the mountains, and sold sugarcane at the spawn shop to get money. He eventually made his first hunting rifle at that time. He was amazed at how powerful it was, and had never seen anything like it on any other server. He eventually received a town request from Zatos to join Tehran. At the time, he wasn't sure what the town was like. However, he did /accept, unsure if it was the right choice. Before he did /t spawn, he set home in his old mountain house.

Tehran Period to Reset #1 Edit

The next day, he went to the town and saw that he in a castle. He walked out and saw a wall and desert beyond it. He saw an empty space between two buildings and built a cobblestone border saying this was his house. Over the next couple of weeks he had built himself a fine house, which Zatos gave him $10,000,000 for. Justinjacob was happy, and he had built himself a whole large cave in the mountains at his old house. It was after the reset that he started to become more important. Before-hand, Tehran was griefed and Justinjacob was sad. So he joined a new town called the Island_Of_Dirt, which was very isolated. He had went back to his mountain house at times, to say goodbye because he knew the reset was coming.

Second World (Old World) Edit

The First Reset to 2015 Edit

After the reset, he logged on to find a new spawn. He had looked around and he thought it was ten times worse than the spawn before. The first player he saw after he logged on was this guy named Swagtonio. He gave him some simple stuff like food. He then logged on a day later and bgrape was on .bgrape told him to join his town, so he joined. He had been friends with bgrape before the server, so bgrape was nice to him and gave him a Gauss Shotgun as well as 3 diamonds, with which Justinjacob made a sword with, and had one left over. He built himself a house (Which actually became the town hall of New_Cahokia after justinjacob left it). After a few weeks there was a war, and the town fell and bgape gave up on it. Justinjacob missed the whole war and 2 weeks of Minecraft Planet Earth because of his unpractical ban which was a mistake. The ban was for griefing spawn, which justinjacob didn't do. And after two weeks of hoping to get unbanned, the admins finally admitted that it was a mistake, and he never did that. So he made a town called New_Cahokia, which he gave up because of a server thing that made everything made in the last 3 days delete, which was all his hard work on the town spawn and roads and houses. Then he joined Zatos' Luanda, after Zatos promised to make him assistant, which he did. Luanda was very inactive and at most times he was the only one in it. At about that time Kenya people were griefing Switch, which made him angry. He later left switch to go to Madrid, but he only stayed for a day. He went back to Luanda after Zatos argued with him. He later left Luanda and joined Bangkok as a temporary town, sometime in December, which he told xexekeli that he will be going back to Luanda to get his stuff back. Zatos never actually gave him the stuff back since he became inactive.

2015 to The Second Reset Edit

Justinjacob stayed in Bangkok. It doubled its size before March, and Xex told justinjacob that he is getting tired of Bangkok, and he left justinjacob in charge. Justinjacob has had some conflicts with Bhansotia (Bhan for short), who he hates because of bhan griefing. Xex also hated bhan and many people on the server hated and still hates bhan. He got a few new people to join, including GymSock17. He changed his name to 8bit_craftr. He enjoyed Bangkok a lot, and kept trying to make it better. He once had a money issue where the town only had 2 more days to exist, but netherjon helped by farming, getting money with jobs, and selling what he farmed. He also created a company called 8bit Statues co. He was looking forward for the Spidey-Don conflict to end, even though he was neutral and didn't support any of their actions against each other. After, he got chosen as a helper by AlwaysDrenched, aka Cham. Then AJ gave him the nickname MCPEPhotographer, because he took most of the pictures on this wiki. He was greatly upset when the Great Towny Glitch of 2015 happened, but he said he will rebuild Bangkok. After, he left the server for 3 weeks, and after he came back, he finished the museum. However at the time Bangkok was suffering from Urban Decay. There were many incomplete buildings. He then decided to finish them quicker, but then came the end.

Third World (New World) Edit

2nd Reset to the Present Edit

8bit_craftr spawned in the new world and he was confused. He didn't even know that the reset was actually confirmed, due to the fact that he had been away. He was right away invited to a bunch of towns, but he decided to create his own town. He first named it Dominican_Republic, but since the town was part in the location of the Dominican Republic and part in Haiti, he decided to name it Hispaniola, which is the name of the island, to prevent confusion. He got some citizens, such as Alfanza and CallieMav. The town was expanding and going good. Then CallieMav left the town, and 8bit went on vacation irl and while he was away the town ran out of money. 8bit decided not to make another town and joined Rhodes, with Hispaniola as an outpost and later becoming a State of the Rhodes Oligarchy. He still lives in Hispaniola, improving the town every time he logs on.

Stats Edit

Towns Owned: New_Cahokia, Bangkok, Hispaniola

Town Citizen: Baku, Tehran, Cahokia, New_Cahokia, Luanda, Madrid, Bangkok, Hispaniola, Rhodes (current)

Current Friends: Netherjon, GymSock17, Cheeso (aka dret), DONREPANOCHA, xexekeli, CODGhostSniper, Arker_IV, GA1109, Brandonross, And Many Others

Past Friends (Left the server): bgrape, Spideybren, evan1395, Bravo8675309

Enemies: bhansotia, Kingcasey3, ManiacMac, butterbrine22, thomascuzz.

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