The town of Karakol was a town on the first map, acting as a hermitage for Au4 after the fall of the Caribbean Union and Havana. It was an interim administrative capitol in the Timurid Federation until the establishment of the capitol and Samarqand. It later posed important location in the Timurid-Mongol War.

2015-10-17 16.39.42
Some attributes
Nation Timurid Federation
King (Mayor) Au4
Foundation August 2014
Location On the eastern edge of Issyk Kol lake in Kyrgyzstan

New Karakol Edit

After Au4 returned to the server in September of 2015, he refounded a town of Karakol a little southwest of the original one. New Karakol was built from a thin, rocky canyon to a thriving village with developed agriculture, modern infrastructure, and an Alcohol and Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

New Karakol is also the home town of the Religion of Lunarosa, with a dedicated Monastery.