The city of Kenya was a town in the middle of Africa made up of inactive Greek citizens, friends of the former owner Liagkas_GR. Before falling to economical collapse, the town was comprised of around 17 inactive citizens. It was known for it's terrible architecture and widespread illegal activities such as greifing and claiming land without proper permissions required to do so.

History Edit

Created by Liagkas_GR, it got full of people quickly, because Liagkas_GR took all his real world class into the server. Those Greeks, around 17, became unpopular throughout the server because they were stealing, illegally greifing, and raiding other towns. Also, those Greek players were always speaking Greek due to the fact that they spoke no English, which caused problems with staff due to the server being English-based and the required language of main staff being English. These events turned the whole server against Kenya and almost caused multiple wars. It also caused xenophobia against the Greek community of the server, and each new Greek player who came to the server wasn't welcomed with open arms for the weeks when Kenya was a town. When the entire town became inactive, Kenya was forgotten. Upon collapse, it was then taken by Cordoba, as their town spawn.

The town Edit

It is developed around a big Town Spawn, a big stone brick building. The Madrid Market is based in it (built by the same architect, Liagkas_GR). The rest of the town is formed by many colourful houses. The main house was a huge empty hut in one only floor where the mayor and some friends lived. There are also many primitive shops.

Economy Edit

The economy of Kenya was based on small trade (shops). Also some livestock and agriculture.

Culture Edit

There was a strong interest in banners. Kenyans used banners to decorate their houses` doors. Many of those banners were stolen by other towns after Kenya's destruction.