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Fuhrer Kingcasey3, "King" was an Irish player on the Minecraft Planet Earth server, who first joined on the 21st of October 2014, shortly after the October Reset. He was probably most well known for starting the first two World Wars. He was also well known for creating towns and abandoning them soon after. He founded the United Republic, and caused the chain of events that led to WW3. Some of his most impressive towns included Ireland (before WWI. Ireland was a giant crater), Shanghai, Santa Fe (now Springfield).

Kingcasey3 created many towns after the Second Reset, and lived in the Spanish Empire for a short period of time, before creating Pyongyang.

Prior to the server closing, King lived in his newest town, Austria-Hungary, capital of the Fourth Reich.

Early Days and WWI Edit

Kingcasey3 joined the server on October 21st 2014, greeted by Xexekeli. They both ventured towards North-Western Europe, Xexe going to London and Kingcasey3 to Ireland. He invited The_local_dude to the server shortly after joining. He joined the nation of his neighbour Xexekeli, The League of Nations, but left shortly after. Xexekeli began insulting Local and King, so they waged war, not knowing exactly what it was.

The two Irishmen sailed across to the great isle of Britain, and began shooting at the civillians. Some of these included Atchy SK and GA1109. It took quite a few hours, and during that time Rome and Venice and several other towns had joined the war. It had been a two-day long war, Ireland had been bombed by Rome, and Local and King felt defeated. But xexekeli went offline, leaving two of his players on the server. The perfect opportunity. The two warriors marched into London, claiming land chunk by chunk, feeling as if they controlled the server; feeling like kings. Xexe begged, and bribed them, but on the first of November, 2014, London fell. They had won, but at the sacrifice of a great country: Ireland.

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 22.59.50

Screenshot of the second battle of London, during MajorPAIN40's reign

The second events of WWI Edit

Shortly after the fall of London, local and King began attacking helpless towns all over the server. Rome, Venice, New York, Paris, and that's just to name a few. Shortly after invading Rome and New York, Local and king attempted to surrender. They created Toronto, and tried to build a few houses, but shortly before settling, CJN, mayor of New York and 7 17builderS began to claim land. A few hours after King got revenge on New York by bombing their airport, he was banned for abusing the war plugin, but was unbanned shortly after.

WWII and other events Edit

Kingcasey3 and Local were enemies of OwlCharles. Kingcasey3 created the town of Darwin, but shortly after abandoned it, but keeping some chests and buildings there. A few weeks later, Kingcasey3 went to grab some slimeballs, and noticed that Owl had claimed over his town and was currently rebuilding Darwin. King and Local both attacked, but were unsuccessful as Owl kept his other residents offline. For more information visit World War 2.

King had been moving from place to place, from Kingsland, to Real Madrid (in Spain), Barcelona, Morocco, and many more. In late November he moved to Tokyo, which was probably one of his more successful towns. While in Tokyo, a player by the name of F1sh98 joined the server, joined Madrid, and discussed his plans of taking over the server and creating a giant empire with King. King, being somewhat polite agreed, but dismissed the ideas as fantasy, and began to build Tokyo. He stayed there until mid December, before moving to Shanghai, where he stayed for about 4 days (but still built 5 skyscrapers, one being the server's tallest building at the time). At this time, Local was the mayor of Pyongyang.

King invited his friend zrsean onto the server on the 20th of December 2014, and they both moved to Perth, Australia, After 2 days all they had done was digging out land, which is why King has such a high excavation level. Zrsean quit shortly afterwards.

Around this time, King started getting back into console gaming, after getting GTA V, so he left the server for a while.
Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 15.19.45

Kingcasey3's current skin

Return to the server, Santa Fe and World War III Edit

King returned to the server as XxInvictusxX in early February 2015. He began to work on Denver, but gave up a few days after beginning. King wanted to build in the USA, and since he was currently obsessed with Breaking Bad, he wanted to go to New Mexico. He had the choice between Albuquerque or Santa Fe, choosing the latter because it was easier to spell. After creating the town, a new player named Onion_Hunter joined. King invited him to the town and he proved to be extremly useful, being a great builder and hard worker. Also around this time, Santa Fe began growing, with large skyscrapers, and beautiful government buildings, and war planes provided by SpideyBren2000. The town joined The Great Federation, and King became F1sh98's War Commander, and Onion_Hunter took Owl's place in Darwin as Owl had moved to Chicago. F1sh claimed Madrid Square and stole some books. World War 3 had began...

Kingcasey3 flew into Madrid with F1sh and a great battle began in Madrid, which had no victor because both sides stopped fighting. After a few cases in the Mendozan court, the war was settled in a civilized manor.

Some weeks later, Mendoza was bombed, F1sh was banned, and the Great Federation fell to rubble. The reign of F1sh98 had ended.

F1sh started a new server, a parody sever of earth. He promised kingcasey3 staff if he advertised for him on Earth. King did as he was told, and got banned, from both Earth, and F1sh's fake Earth. This was the end of Kingcasey3's Minecraft days for a while.

The Soviet Union - Memphis Edit

King and Local both appealed for unbans and both succeeded. They went to Russia and started a town named Soviet_Union. It was shortlived as Local was the mayor and he stopped playing shortly after, meaning king couldn't do much. After leaving, King went to Rio De Janeiro, but moved shortly after because of diseases. He moved to Melbourne Australia, and then to Adelaide, but abandoned both because of lack of inspiration. Wanting to move back to the USA, he went to the Mississipi, and built Memphis. He was promoted to helper on May 26th 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 16.45.10

The Second Reset Era Edit

Kingcasey3 abandoned his town of Memphis in late June, and created a new town, Singapore, with his friend drathuas5. The town proved to be fairly successful, gaining many players and building a strong military. Shortly after King finished the first skyscraper in Singapore, he was informed of a reset. He was delighted! Finally there'd be a fresh world! He could finally build a town in Ireland, as he had gotten the terrain destroyed. King, being a Helper at the time, was asked to help create the new spawn. He agreed without any hesistation, and went to build the disease guide, and the slimefun guide, which are both standing in the abandoned spawn, as of November 2015.

The reset rolled along and King settled into Ireland, inviting ManiacMac to the town. During a chat in /pc, ManiacMac brought up a touchy subject for King: "Did you bring anything from the old world? I had some stuff stuck in my pet's inventory".

King was silent. Before the reset, there was a drop party, and King had been holding his soulbound backpack, where he kept his valuables and airstrikes. The backpack had joined him in the reset, and he had kept the items. He told ManiacMac, but little did he know Rootbeer1000 and apineda were watching his every movie via the dynmap: he was caught.

After a long few weeks, King both lost his Helper rank, and got banned. Eventually after a while, he was unbanned under AJ's new "parolee" system. It was a new era. King went from making the towns Cancun, with local dude, Sydney, Wellington, and many more, before finally settling in Spain for a short while. For a short while he was promoted to CommsManager, but then got demoted for being a fool on another server called RisingNations. He then decided to make Pyongyang, which already has a few buildings, including a skyscraper.