Korea Bay
2015-03-14 13.47.51
The remains of Korea Bay. Near the photographer, the entrance to the mine. Far of the photographer, it is posible to see (from left to right) the Sacred Tree, the mayor`s home and the shipsyard.
Some attributes
Nation Unknown
King (Mayor) Theman9920
Foundation Late 2014
Location Between China and Korea
The town of Korea Bay was a town run by theman9920. It was located in China, on the Shandong peninsula where real city Qingdao is.

The town Edit

It consisted of a town hall, a dock for boats, and an airstrip, as well as a few other various buildings. There is also a house on a tree, the "Sacred Tree". It has since been greifed and nearly destroyed.

Explorations Edit

It was forgotten after it was disbanded, until a group of archaeologists from Madrid's federal organization, MIoRI, found it again on the 7th of March 2015. At the beginning, they identified it as "Chegentu" which was likely a mis-wording of Chengtu. The mistake was fixed on March 15th.

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