Lisbon-Amberes War

Some attributes
Date August 2014
Belligerent A Lisbon (Xexekeli)
Belligerent B Amberes (Roboblockster and his friend)
Resoult Lisbon won
Causes Unknown
Consequences Destruction of Amberes
Type of conflict Intertowns killing war (not towny war)
The Lisbon-Amberes war was a conflict between these both towns. When Roboblockster arrived to Eastern Spain and made Amberes, Xexekeli and them suddenly began to fight

Xexekeli, from Lisbon, and the Amberes guys were shooting between themselves, until Xexekeli claimed victory. Amberes was destroyed, the few valuable stuff was raided by Xex, and the place would become an important archaeological area (check Amberes).